Tax Care Pros - Please do not hire this company

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I am truly a pissed consumer after dealing with tax care unprofessionals.They did a terrible job handling my case with the irs, lied to me about what was going on, would not return my calls and frankly did not care what happened, at all.

They had to lie because they were billing me for bogus services that never happened. They never handled my case and their negligence resulted it a tax lien. I contacted the IRS because I was very concerned they would take actions against me based on the letters I had received.

They informed me nothing had been done regarding my federal tax account.I worked with the IRS myself and worked out a payment plan.

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Tax Care Pros - Tax Fraud!!!

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In march 2005 I received a letter, a noticed from the IRS stating I owed money on my back taxes. With no money to my name I contacted Tax Care Pros. The name says it all right? WRONG! I discovered this company through a local representative. He said because I was on SSI I could file for "uncollectible" which means I have nothing to give an no assets to sell in order to pay them. They said it would be 1,000 up front and there should be no problems at all.

Months later I was still receiving notices from the IRS. Every time I got a letter I contacted the taxcarepros who said they were taking care of it. on February the following year I received a notice from the IRS stating a lien was going to be attached to my home if my debt was not paid. Effective immediately. Fortunately my brother in laws friend Sean was going through a similar situation. He gave me this # 877-517-0067. He couldn't remember the name of the company but said everything has been going smoothly with him and he's nearly done with his debt in back taxes. so I called right away. I later found out it was

As soon as I contacted them I noticed a huge difference with service. they evaluated my situation for free. My notices stopped. And they got me on what's called an OIC. Stay away from taxcarepros. they're worthless and scammers. I demanded a refund but they're response is I payed for the services rendered. Now I'm filing a complaint with the BBB. I recommend anyone in a similar situation do the same.

Ron L.

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Good for you! i had a similar situation with Tax MAsters. But settlewiththeirs helped me out a lot!

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